Polymer machine JBP
For dissolving and dosing Polymer

Many years of experience with poweder dosing and blending is built into JBP machines. The reliability and good design has gained respect within the paper industry, processing industries, inmunicipal water or sewage plants and other areas where preparation and dosing with polymer solutions is necessary.

Principles & Characteristics

1.first, the powder is fed into the measuring device.
therefore, the powder can be consantly and accurately.
2.The measuring device is covered.
This is to ensure that the poweder does not flush.
3.The covered measuring device is then connected to the outlet of the feeder.
4. Dried air blows the powder towards the outlet through the cover.

The exacted amount of powder is accurately fed because the air completely discharges the powder from measuring device.
By utilizing this system, the powder cannot absorb moisture from the air because the measuring device is covered. The air-blow system is far superior to other mechanical systems for moisture prevention.


Sewage treatment plant & night soil treatment plant
Highmolecular coagulant for coagulator or dehydrating equipment

Pollution control device
Highmolecular coagulant, granulated active carbon and granulated urea.

Paper & pulp industry
PVC, CMC, sodium hydrosulfate(bleaching agent)and polyacrylamide(paper reinforcement)

Food industry
refined salt

Quartz powder and granulated powder